we are doctors as well~

Posted: November 8, 2010 in medicine


this morning, I got a pediatric’s case~cerebral palsy.

patient’s history

2 years boy, his mother complaint about delayed of his neck support.

at 7 days of his life, he had severe jaundice.

his mother brought him to a doctor.

the doctor advised to his mother~

‘just let the boy under the lamp, then he’ll be ok’

till 5 days, the condition become worst.

then his mother take him to hospital and he had been diagnose as cerebral palsy patient.

actually, what i really concern from this case is why the doctor do like that.

is he doesn’t know that the jaundice can damage the boy’s brain if not treat wisely?

because his neglection, the boy became hypereflexia in all his life.

because his neglection, the boy had motor defect.

because his neglection, the boy’s brain had been damage.

the doctor is cruel and doesn’t have empathy.

for me, he is criminal.

so please, be a good doctor!

daie is a doctors as well.

if daie doesn’t do his work properly

neglect people that need guidance

the people will be defect the rest all his life

so please daie,

do it your job!



  1. Group B says:

    aman, you forgot about the first doctor who did CS delivery to the mother. he didn’t manage the VERY EXPECTED respiratory distress wisely because he is “stupid”

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