power of knowledges

Posted: August 18, 2010 in medicine


yesterday, an old patient who has chronic kidneys problem due to hypertension asked the specialist:

patient: dr, ginjal saya dekat mana sebenarnya dr?

Dr: kamu rasa?

patient: kat pinggang kot sebab orang selalu panggil ginjal, buah pinggang.

Dr: bukan, meh saya terangkan.

from this situation, i know that many people in our community do not have enough knowledge about themselves particularly the eldest.

so, I as medical student, want to share my knowledge with others.

although not for all the community, it’s enough to share this with my friends, neighbours and especially my family.

last but not least, do you know where are the location of kidneys actually?

in medicine, we must answer like this:

The kidneys are behind the bottom ribs in the back. The lower half of each kidney is unprotected by the ribs.

The ribs are on either side of the spine (in the back), between the intestines in the front and the muscles of the lower back.

The bottoms of the kidneys are above the level of the navel.

The right kidney is often slightly lower than the left kidney.

bla, bla, bla…

but in simple way, you can look at this picture

I hope this picture will help you.

for your information, Allah says ‘ilm or knowledge about 800 times in Al-Quran.

so, ask someone if you don’t know!

  1. akh says:

    tahniah abdulrahman. ilmu membina diri

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