i’m lost!

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Life is Real


‘Your medial meniscus tears’. When i heard that phrase from the Alhekma doctor, i felt really upset. I know that it would take a very long time to heal for sure. It will be a hard time for me because i’m the kind of the ‘kaki jalan’ person. Besides, my study, work and ibadah schedules are all ruined to pieces. Really i’m not quite in my mood. I felt like my spirit had left me, alone and fragmented in this cruel world. I’m teared down as my medial meniscus. Totally, i’m lost and i don’t know why? Lately, i also feel the fear to go for haj though i was very eager before this. But now, it’s different.

Ya Allah, i know you’re the best disposer of all affairs

and i’m just a weak person

that needs someone

to talk with

to gain my strength back

to cheer me up

but i found no one

except you, Allah

please accept me as your guest…

from inside

(merci beaucoup pour mes amis esp Nash, Ehmad, Afifi et mes ikhwah. Vous etes tres gentle!)

  1. JHaZKiTaRo says:

    salam ziarah dari bumi Dublin. Nice blog!! Keep it up. Kalau rajin, dtg laa ziarah blog hamba.. 🙂

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