As a Doctor

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Kongsi Untuk Amal
"The Doctor" naah

"The Doctor" naah

Salamullah alayk…

Slazar’s here.

I’ve been thinking for the whole time, why do I want to be a doctor? Why should I study medicine?

The answer is simple. It is a “fardhu kifayah” for a muslim to obtain knowledge, whether knowledge about their religion or knowledge about the technology.

Why medicine? It is one of the toughest subject learned in college. Why should you bother to study it?

The answer is not that simple because there a lot of choices that I can choose. But, simply I can say that I’ve been influenced by my father as he is a doctor. I looked upon him as my icon during my childhood. My mother also a doctor. So, a family of doctors? People would say, “what a waste! there are many courses out there, accounting, engineering, biotechnology and etc.”. Yeah…!

That’s not it. As my experience visiting a hospital, i would say that this job is rather exhausting and quite difficult to do. Even studying to be a doctor is a hell lot of work. So, enough said. As a doctor, one should obtain the knowledge during his undergraduate studies as much as possible because it is important to answer the exam, but in reality it is sufficient to know the basic knowledge and technical aspects.

As my father said, “You need to study hard, know everything to answer the exam. But, in practice you just need 10% of that knowledge,”. This motivates me to study very well.

But seriously, why do you want to be a doctor? I’m speechless. This question haunts me every time. I just want to be good doctor, to be able to treat patients, to be able to care for my life, to be able increase public health performance, to be able to perform surgeries without fail, to be able to save lives, and most importantly, to be able to have Allah’s please, keep that in mind.

It is not just a knowledge. It is a knowledge based on our faith(iman) and fear(taqwa) to Allah. Without these two items as our stand, we would fall easily into traps. Traps which would fool anyone who just study and study and study without referring to Allah. We, as muslims should make it crystal clear our intention in our work, to obtain Allah’s please and for the best of mankind.

As a doctor, I should know the basic knowledge very well and make my best effort to serve my people and country and my patients, based on the faith and fear to Allah. Last but not least, as our life are devoted to Allah, everything should be turned out great. Referred to Quran, surah At-Thalaq, ayah #2-#3.

  1. pemenang says:

    bagus r ko man…aku sampai sekarang pening asal aku ambik medik? pas tu aku heran gak cane orang kate belaja medik untuk meningkatkan syiar islam? musykil2…..meragui keputusan sendiri..haha

  2. amiryakan says:

    A nice quote i must say. But can u please watch with ur choosing of words…coz u wrote “to be a doctor is a hell lot of work”. Maybe i look like someone who is unrealistic or wat so ever,but this concerns the tarbiyah that have been cared in us…besides that,everythings perfect…good for attibba`…

  3. slazar says:

    sorry about that amiryakan.
    a lot of things need to be improved.
    thanks again for ur advice

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