Team Roles

Posted: March 30, 2008 in Psikologi

Meredith Belbin(1993) seorang graduan Universiti Cambridge. Sekarang sebagai profesor di Henley Management College di UK. Berikut hasil kajian beliau tentang ‘Team Roles’.

This person will have a clear view of the team objectives and will be skilled at inviting the contribution of team members in achieving these, rather than just pushing his or her own view. The coordinator (or chairperson) is self disciplined and applies this discipline to the team. They are confident and mature, and will summarize the view of the group and will be prepared to take a decision on the basis of this.
The shaper is full of drive to make things happen and get things going. In doing this they are quite happy to push their own views forward, do not mind being challenged and are always ready to challenge others. The shaper looks for the pattern in discussions and tries to pull things together into something feasible, which the team can then get to work on.
This member is the one who is most likely to come out with original ideas and challenge the traditional way of thinking about things. Sometimes they become so imaginative and creative that the team cannot see the relevance of what they are saying. However, without the plant to scatter the seeds of new ideas the team will often find it difficult to make any headway. The plant’s strength is in providing major new insights and ideas for changes in direction and not in contributing to the detail of what needs to be done.
Resource investigator
The resource investigator is the group member with the strongest contacts and networks, and is excellent at bringing in information and support from the outside. This member can be very enthusiastic in pursuit of the team’s goals, but cannot always sustain this enthusiasm.
The individual who is a company worker is well organized and effective at turning big ideas into manageable tasks and plans that can be achieved. Such individuals are both logical and disciplined in their approach. They are hardworking and methodical but may have some difficulty in being flexible.
Team worker
The team worker is the one who is most aware of the others in the team, their needs and their concerns. They are sensitive and supportive of other people’s efforts, and try to promote harmony and reduce conflict. Team workers are particularly important when the team is experiencing a stressful or difficult period.
As the title suggests, the completer is the one who drives the deadlines and makes sure they are achieved. The completer usually communicates a sense of urgency, which galvanizes other team members into action. They are conscientious and effective at checking the details, which is a vital contribution, but sometimes get ‘bogged down’ in them.
Monitor evaluator
The monitor evaluator is good at seeing all the options. They have a strategic perspective and can judge situations accurately. The monitor evaluator can be overcritical and is not usually good at inspiring and encouraging others.
This person provides specialist skills and knowledge and has a dedicated and single-minded approach. They can adopt a very narrow perspective and sometimes fail to see the whole picture.
The finisher is a person who sticks to deadline and likes to get on with things. They will probably be irritated by the more relaxed members of the team.
  1. pemenang says:

    bes2..sape punye karya nih?

  2. Jackster says:

    Meredith Belbin(1993) seorang graduan Universiti Cambridge. Sekarang sebagai profesor di Henley Management College di UK.

  3. abudi says:

    pemenang, klu ko kategori yg mn satu ek?
    huhu bole aku pilih jd team aku

  4. pemenang says:

    coordinator sudah tentu bukan aku

  5. pemenang says:

    aku rasa PLANT kut…

  6. pemenang says:

    sudah tentu bukan teamworkers yang baik..

  7. kpc says:

    ko berfikiran songsang pemenang…bkn kreatif…
    beza pemikiran songsang ngan pemikiran kreatif……

    pemikiran songsang adalah suatu pemikiran yg berlawanan dgn suatu fitrah,lumrah, logik akal yg menybbkan suatu kepelikan,tdk diterima oleh org sekeliling,dan menghasilkan suatu yg berlawanan dari yg sepatutnya….

    pemikiran kreatif adalah pemikiran yg extraordinary atau pemikiran yg menjadi satu idea alternatif dgn tujuan utk menghasilkan suatu yg baru atau lebih baek ,menyelesaikan suatu masalah, dan yg sewaktu dgn nye….

    ko xbce ke kat atas tu….”without the plant to scatter the seeds of new ideas the team will often find it difficult to make any headway”..

    tp dgn ade nye ………………. yg songsang yg meyebabkan kontroversi,menyshkan org laen..dgn kate laen without ………….the team will find it easy to make any headway.

  8. carrot susu says:

    tapi aku rase kan
    aku masih memerlukan ahli team cam pemenang ni
    sbb die akan wat sume org berfikir kuar dari kotak fikiran
    (x r balik2 bende yg same je)
    even mmg idea die x msuk akal
    tapi die wat org cari yg de best tok lwn die ye idea songsang
    ni yang aku nk dlm team aku (competetive)
    so sume akn involve
    xde sape pon jd ahli tido je..
    ok pemenang u r invited in my team
    team medical… pe ek??

  9. hanyagerhana says:

    yes.. betul~
    semua orang ada charactor masing2, semua boleh digolongkan dlm jenis2 orang di atas. dan hatta seseorang pun boleh ada lebih drpd satu ciri2 di atas.

    how songsang u are is not d point, but how much u can contribute 2 ur team that counts.

    Lagi pun, semua ciptaan Allah itu tidak dijadikan sia2 bukan? 🙂

  10. pemenang says:

    lawaklah kortang ni..sebenarnya songsangkan idea ialah salah satu drp cara2 untuk mendapat idea kreatif..songsang+repakej=kreatif,tapi mmg r idea songsang selalunya tak praktikal kene repakej jadi praktikal…ade kefahamn?

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